Audits We Perform

Process Audit

Cresco will work with you on site to assess your dryer’s capabilities and provide a report showing where improvements can be made. The goals of a process audit include improvements to air flow, heat transfer, moisture removal, product rate, and product uniformity.

Mechanical Audit

Through a mechanical audit, we thoroughly review specific areas of your equipment which are prone to wear and tear. We provide you a report with detailed options for replacement or engineering improvements of parts and components.

Problems We Solve

Process Audits

  • Drying Effectiveness
  • Temperature
  • Fan Performance
  • Heating System Performance
  • Product Uniformity and Moisture
  • Dryer Capacity and Rate

Mechanical Audits

  • Damaged Conveyor Parts
  • Worn Chain & Chain Rails
  • Worn Sprockets & Shafts
  • Damaged Doors & Seals
  • Fan System Condition
  • Steam Coil Condition