Why Choose a Cresco Dryer

At Cresco, we are committed to; designing dryers to best fit your application needs; effective project delivery; and equipment of the highest quality fabrication.


We design process optimization into every dryer we deliver, bringing drying expertise and attention to detail to each project. We are flexible in design to fit your plant, product, and operational requirements.

Project Process

Cresco is committed to working with you to provide a responsive and interactive project experience. We deliver information and equipment in a timely manner, often partnering to provide engineering and equipment beyond the dryer to support overall project needs.

Quality Fabrication

Cresco dryers are built with attention to detail with focus on expert craftsmanship, sanitary requirements, and fabrication and assembly for longevity of your equipment. We are committed to making your Cresco Dryer the best dryer in your plant!


Cresco specializes in conveyor dryers including single-pass and multi-pass systems. We design equipment that meets sanitary and durability needs with easy installation and maintenance.


Cresco’s single-pass dryer provides efficient processing for a wide range of industries, from food to fiber. Single-pass dryers can include multiple temperature zones, product turnovers, and steam heated or gas fired configurations.


Cresco’s multi-pass dryers are designed to provide uniform end product while optimizing your plant space. These have multiple passes to meet your process needs. Dual side air introduction and variable conveyor retention times enable optimum product uniformity.

Peripheral Equipment

Cresco also provides additional equipment to complete your drying system such as surge bins, feed and take away conveyors, and spreading devices, enabling us to improve equipment integration.


Cresco provides sanitary and energy-efficient coolers, including conditioned air and ambient air types. Our coolers are designed to integrate seamlessly with your drying equipment.

Markets Served

We are proud to serve a wide range of industries by providing high-quality dryers and coolers for many unique applications.

Keep Your Equipment Running for Years to Come

As your partner, we are here to support you with key parts replacement, equipment refurbishment or expansion, and ongoing maintenance of your dryers and coolers. We also offer process and mechanical audits to help you get the most out of your equipment and help you understand how to improve your drying process.