Replacement Dryer Conveyor Components

Among the most common replacements are conveyor belting components. Conveyor belts are made up of several components including: slats (also known as flights, plates, aprons, or pans), traveling side product guides, hingewire, and chain. These components are wear items because they are continually moving. Cresco offers high-quality replacement conveyor components to keep your process running smoothly.

Spare Parts Designed to Improve Performance

While we can provide identical part replacement, there are often opportunities to improve design from the original OEM part. We engage with customers to trouble-shoot existing designs and offer improved components that are interchangeable with or replace existing parts.

Components We Provide

Dryer Belting System

  • Assembled Belting — All Types
  • Perforated Slats (Also known as flights, plates, aprons, or pans)
  • Side Guards – Stationary and Traveling
  • Roller Chain — ANSI or Engineered
  • Replacement Chain Rails
  • Shaft and Sprocket Assemblies

Fan & Heating System

  • Replacement Steam Coils
  • Burners and Burner Parts
  • Replacement Fan Components
  • Fan Motors
  • Fan Assemblies – Including Complete Plug Fan Design

Other Dryer Components

  • Replacement Door Panels
  • Door Seals
  • Scrapers and Doffers
  • Lubrication Systems

Non-Stick Coatings for Slats & Belts

In addition to replacement parts, we provide, non-stick coatings for your slats and belts. These coatings reduce product sticking to your slat.